A Student’s Guide on How to Write a Reflection Paper and Succeed

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A Student’s Guide on How to Write a Reflection Paper and Succeed

Welcome back to the platform of the Best Paper Writers. Looking for some help? We are glad to assist you in clearing your head! Are you to write a reflection paper and don’t know where to start from? That is alright, we will give you the basic guide on how you can write the best reflection paper and impress your instructor. To be successful at something, you must first know the basics. Like, as the purpose of writing a reflection paper.

The aim is very simple; to share your inspiration. To let the audience know how another text or piece of literature helped change your view on something. For instance, if you were a flat earther your whole life and your view recently changed due to a scientific piece of writing, perfect! That is a good place to start writing a reflection paper. Let’s give you the basic guidelines on how to nail writing a reflection paper!

Review The Resource

The first step to begin writing a reflection paper is to get well-equipped with the reference text you are using. It does not necessarily have to be a text, it can also be a video or even a movie. Inspiration has to be a part of literature, which makes movies or videos qualify for it. Thus, in order to write a successful reflection paper, you must know the reference by heart. Not literally –we mean you should watch/read it a few times to ensure no information gets missed out.

Read Other Reflections

Now, once you have gone through the reference material, it is now time to research the web. Meaning; you have to now search the internet for reflection papers on similar topics. Doing this will help you in two things. One; you will get an idea of how much the piece of literature has been explored. Two; you’ll get more ideas to pitch in your personal reflection paper. This will help you in adding more vocabulary and newer ideas to your paper. 

Know What You Are Asked

Once you have skimmed the internet, it is now time to know the requirements. This means that you have to look into what your teacher is expecting you to produce. Hey, we know that you are way too excited to bombard it with all the information that you can find on it. However, remember that the sole purpose of writing it is to gain marks and that your teacher assigned you to do it. Thus, it is very important to keep in mind what outcome the teacher is expecting.

Create A Mind Map

There you go, you’re already on step four! Now that you have carefully examined the requirements of your teacher, it is ShowTime! But first, let’s make a roadmap because it is one bumpy ride for a beginner! You have been creating mind maps since forever, mind maps, outlines, and brain-storm, whatever you call it. There is no need for us to dissect it all over again, right? So, let’s get to making one without wasting any more time.

Write The Introduction

Finally, let’s get to writing! In a reflection paper, your introduction is the first thing your reader would see. Just like in any other academic paper or essay. Thus, you need to make sure that it creates an impression that stays with the reader. You can also include your pre-reference reading stance in it. For instance, what made you believe that the earth was flat? And how did this paper change your mind? Don’t give off too much information at this point, a little cliff-hanger is fun though.  

The Body Text

Next comes the body text. The body text just like any other body paragraph or paragraph is the main stem of your paper. Meaning; it has answers to all the ‘how’ and ‘why’ to your stance changing. In simpler terms, it discusses why your stance changed or how the paper did change your mindset. You can all the objective facts and textual evidence in this part since the body of your reflection paper is the most important. Pour in all the contents in your body paragraphs.

The Conclusion

Look at you! You are almost there! The final step that staples all your paperwork together is our conclusion. It is basically a reflection of your whole reflection paper. The conclusion has to be written in such a perfect way that it leaves all your readers in amaze. Your conclusion is obviously the last step of our paper. Therefore, you have to write it in the same banging way that you wrote your introduction. In easier words, your conclusion helps decide your reader whether your argument makes sense or not.


The last step in any writing process is proofreading. Proofreading, as you already know, means re-checking your work. This step may not be given enough importance however, we can’t stop stressing how important it is. Would you ever send out any cooked dish to your guests without tasting it? Exactly, our point. Why would you turn in your masterpiece without reading it two or three times at least? What if it has a grammatical error or a spelling mistake? It is always better to recheck and be sure!

So, that is it! This is exactly how you write an amazing reflection paper. Your teacher will definitely applaud you for putting up such a good example for the class. We believe in you! If you still aren’t sure about your reflection paper, we can always help you out. Need to be extra sure that you score an A on your reflection paper assignment? No worries, our Best Paper Writers are always at your disposal! You can find us on our official website of Rush Paper Writers and get in touch with our customer support team. They will get you in touch with just the right experts that you need in order to create a successful reflection paper! We hope this helps, looking forward to helping you further, yours truly!

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