How to Write a Powerful Packed Formal Letter

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How to Write a Powerful Packed Formal Letter

Remember the times when your letters would get rejected because you didn’t know the right format? We don’t want this to happen with you again. Therefore, getting a bit out of our way from academic paper writing services to providing letter guides, here we are, telling you how to write a powerful packed formal letter. We know how bad it feels when all your classmates have written their letters correctly but yours’s is going some other way. However, not anymore because we are here to rescue you.

Starting with a brief intro about formal letters, we will tell you how you can format it perfectly and win the scholarships to your favorite college and whatever purpose you are writing it for. Not forgetting the tips, after the intro is the tips to write an excellent letter. So, let’s begin!

Formal Letters

In these times of electronic mails, we rarely get the chance to write a formal letter. However, when we do, almost all of us start feeling nervous and head to google to know the format. Since these letters are mostly written to seniors, authorities, or for scholarships and admission purposes, there’s no room for mistakes. One wrong turn and you are done. Therefore, it’s crucial to be concise and precise and only write what your readers want to read. Any extraneous information in the formal letter can be your biggest mistake. Try not to make one.

Format to Write a Powerful Packed Formal Letter

Here is how you must structure your formal letter.

Your Address

Begin writing the formal letter with your address on letterhead. You don’t have to be thorough or write your complete address. Just the main part would do. Just include your street’s name and number, city, and postal code. This section will come before data and there is no requirement to add your name or give the letter a title.


Second, comes the date. Here you will write the date of the day you’re writing this letter. However, if it takes you more than one day to write this letter, mention the date of the day you complete it.

Recipient’s Address

The recipient’s address, also known as the inside address is clearly the address of the receiver. First, address your recipient by Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. /Miss/Dr. whatever suits best, and then write a brief address of the recipient.

Remember if you are sending this letter to some other country, write the country name in all capital letters and mention it on the last line.


Aligned with personal title, address with the same name as you did in inside address. If you know the name of your recipient, go for the first name to salute your addressee. For instance, if you are writing a letter to Sierra Mascon, write, Dear Sierra. However, if you are interested in writing the family name as well, it is acceptable too. After the salutation, leave a blank line and write gender if known.

Main Body

Here comes the main part, the body of your letter. The main body will include all your matter. However, don’t forget to leave a line after every paragraph you write. This section also has to be brief and engaging. Begin with a greeting launch and then come to your objective.

In the upcoming paragraphs, write all your background information, supporting content for your objective, and backing features.


Progressing towards closing, now pack up your letter and start wrapping it up and later, give a goodbye call. After you are done closing your letter, leave a space of at least three lines before you draw your signature.


If you have attached any documents together or have added them in some envelope, mention them all here.

Jot down the name of each document liken you’ve added including the envelope. The purpose of this section is to make your receiver aware of all you have sent. Format for enclosure:

  • Envelope
  • Resume
  • Marksheet
  • Certificates 

Tips To Write a Perfect Formal Letter

Following are the tips that can help you write a flawless formal letter.

Begin Interestingly

You must have heard the phrase that a book is judged by its cover. Similar is the case with your formal letter. If you start it amazingly, you might get successful in keeping your reader hooked throughout. Also, since the first impression is the last impression, your introduction must be good enough to represent you. Try not to take more than one line to introduce you and stay away from telling details that your reader already know.

Start with a hit opening and continue to keep your content stimulating and interesting. The more remarkable your inner details will be, the more attention-grabbing your reader will find your letter. Come a bit out of the ordinary and try to get your readers’ eyes.

Use Appropriate Tone

When writing a formal letter, consider going for a tone that is more formal than your everyday tone and is a bit on a firm side. However, don’t become harsh. Avoid using slang words and jargon and also contractions. Such as. I’ll, I’m, it’s, can’t, won’t, etc. Make sure to not be very strict in tone. Instead, be polite and remain respectful. Remember, in formal letters, you are not allowed to use vague words like nice, great, very thin, etc.

Be Concise and Precise

Avoid writing a letter that is too long or has excess futile information. The information that is of no benefit to your reader, you must not include them. Be tail-oriented but focus on the quality. If you are adding an excess of unwanted information, the reader might not find your letter worth reading.


Proofreading is important. Once you have summed up your letter, look out for spellings mistakes and grammatical errors. Also, make sure you have used all the punctuations correctly and have added them wherever needed. There are various free tools on the internet that you can take benefit of and make your letter flaw-free.


We all know what worth a formal letter to an authoritative hold. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship program or are writing a formal letter to your college professor, take help from the above tips. You can also write to us for more tips and get your academic paper writing services.

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